Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

Make your home energy efficient with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

New incentives and financing options are available in 2009 to help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Any Homeowner, may qualify for an incentive up to $5000 plus a Federal Tax Credit $1,500 Max. These incentives help Homeowners pay for a comprehensive home energy efficiency project completed by a Chrisner Group pre-qualified BPI Certified Contractor.

Chrisner Group is a Green Homes Solution Provider and acts as your Quality Assurance project manager for the total integrated process. Unlike an Insulation contractor or a Heating contractor that specializes in one thing, CG helps the Home Owner look at all the possibilities to increase your home’s energy efficiency, greenness, durability and indoor air quality and helps prioritize them in an integrated approach to get the best package for your specific home.

What Is Home Performance with ENERGY STAR?
Chrisner Group supports a network of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractors serving homeowners. These independent contractors are certified by the Building Performance Institute to perform energy audits, diagnose building problems such as moisture, mold, and ice dams, and install the recommended energy efficiency improvements. Chrisner Group provides contractor quality assurance.

Learn more about energy saving home improvements with ENERGY STAR.

Benefits of Home Energy Performance upgrades may include:

  • Incentives and financing options to help you pay for cost-effective efficiency improvements
  • A home that is healthier, more comfortable and has fewer problems
  • Up to 30% savings on your energy bills
  • Peace of mind - Chrisner Group's quality assurance process ensures all aspects of the project are taken into account and integrated so that improvements can deliver real energy savings, increased comfort, better durability for the home and a greener home
  • Environmental benefits including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for your corporation

Services you may receive through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR:

  • A comprehensive home energy audit - an evaluation of your building tightness and insulation effectiveness, heating system, lighting, appliances, and windows
  • Professional advice on ways to improve the comfort and durability of your home as well as solve problems and lower your energy bills
  • Assistance in integrating and prioritizing energy saving home improvements and help accessing financing to make those improvements
  • Energy-saving measures such as Air Sealing, Insulation, High-efficient Heaters, High-efficient Air Conditioners Heat Recovery Ventilators and High-efficient Water Heater.

When you're ready to begin your project:

  1. Call one of our Sales Consultants to schedule a home Energy Audit at 609-890-9096.
  2. They'll walk you through the process and determine whether you may qualify for available incentives.
  3. Your project must use a Certified Building Performance Institute Contactor.